Company Profile

Barberton Adventures was established in 2019 by merging with Barberton Odyssey, who has been established since 2009.  We have been growing steadily over the past 10 years from a fledgling company to our present position as a small but competitive industry operator.

We aim to satisfy the needs of the budget traveller with an appreciation of historical heritage, natural beauty, geology and more importantly – mining history.  Barberton Adventures maintains strong focus on sustainable tourism and a commitment to constant forward movement in terms of service,

quality and value for money.  Motivated by an aspiration for development of the disenfranchised communities of Barberton, we fully support the government’s policy on black economic empowerment and present a fine example of entrepreneurship and employment equity.


“Gumboots & Beyond”

Our visitors become our family, and with that attitude as our base line, we aim to please every single traveller that comes to Barberton leaving lasting memories, unforgettable experiences and a better understanding of the mining industry and surrounding areas.  Barberton Adventures conducts all its business in a professional manner andstrives for compliance in terms of

financial, mining, environmental, occupational health & safety, employment and social responsibility legislation.  All necessary manpower, resources and systems have been put in place to ensure the highest levels of compliance in these areas.


  • Our geology is definitely one of our USP’s.  We have one of the best preserved mountain ranges in the world, and all visible on our newly developed Geo Trail;
  • We have become a World Heritage Site due to our Makhonjwa Mountain Range, inscribed on 2 July 2018;
  • We are specialists in mining tours, with a qualified mine guide into historical mines, as well as small scale dormant commercial mines;
  • We also have experts in prospecting who have 17 years experience in the prospecting industry;
  • Barberton also played a major role in the mining industry in the 1800’s and the history of our town is of importance, not only to South Africans, but to the world alike!
“Our History – Our Past”