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Hiking Trails

After departing from Barberton Adventures you can immediately start a steep climb into our hills, where you will have great flora and very scenic views of the Makhonjwa Mountain Range.

  • Prices and guides available on request
  • Different sites available on request
  • Bookings essential
  • Group discount & concessions available
  • Most of our day hikes are based in the central of town, but all have steep climbs and river crossings. 
  • We also boast 2 very beautiful hiking trails in our area : one is to the West of Barberton and the other to the East. 
  • Both these sites offer great accommodation. 
  • Hiking in hills that are 3.5 billion years old leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment and peace, and the beauty other this wondrous landscape will take your breath away.
  • Departure from Barberton Adventures after relevant documentation has been signed.
  • We have many sites to hike as well as 2 with sleep over facilities.
  • Locations will divulged upon request and booking.
  • Access to various locations and sites.
  • Permits where relevant.
  • Food & Beverages for duration of the whole hike.
  • Transport where relevant.


Q : What shoes do we need to wear?
A : Hiking boots are highly recommended, alternatively comfortable walking shoes.

Q : Do I need warm clothes?
A : Yes, a light jacket in winter.

Q : Do I need sunblock and a hat?
A : Highly recommended.

Q : Are there bees?
A : Yes, at certain times of day. If you are allergic to bees make sure to bring your specific medication.

Q : Are there spiders and snakes en route?
A : Yes. TIA (This is Africa).