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Metal Detecting

Barberton is the perfect playground for those who indulge in metal detecting.  We currently have tours on offer with the Leopard Conservation unit who are trying to clean up our town with regards to snares and other metal’s left in our mountain lands.

  • Prices and guides available on request
  • Different sites available on request
  • Group discount & concessions available
  • Bookings essential
  • The Leopard conservation unit are currently cleaning up our area with regards to illegal snares and the more people assist the easier their task is at hand. 
  • For those who would be interested in this activity and be involved with such a great conservation project please contact us. 
  • The metals and debris that are found in nature are not supposed to be there and not only pose a threat to the wild life, but to the grass and surroundings as well. 
  • They force grass to grow in wrong directions, kills whatever is around it and litters the place that should be 100% natural.
  • Departure from Barberton Adventures after relevant documentation has been signed.
  • We have too many sites to mention.
  • Most of the sites are in the mountains where our leopards are based.
  • The Leopard Conservation Unit will educate and teach you the correct way to use your detector, as well as the simple and easy process of removing metals that are not supposed to be in the wild.
  • Children are the teachers of the future and are most welcome to tag along.
  • Access to various locations and sites.
  • Permits where relevant.
  • Food & Beverages for duration of the whole tour.
  • Transport where relevant (driving own vehicle to location).
  • Guide (by appointment only).

Q : What shoes do we need to wear?
A : Hiking boots or comfortable hiking shoes recommended.

Q : Do I need warm clothes?
A : Yes, a light jacket in winter.

Q : Do I need sunblock and a hat?
A : Highly recommended.

Q : Are there bees?
A : Yes, at certain times of day. If you are allergic to bees make sure to bring your specific medication.

Q : Are there spiders and snakes en route?
A : Yes. TIA (This is Africa).