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Scenic Drive Adventures

You may have heard of Mpumalanga’s historic little town of Barberton, once the bustling hub of the 1880’s gold rush, but few visitors are aware of the spectacular Passes’ that surrounds the town. Get your head in the clouds on this Genesis Route road trip.

Panorama Route too busy for you? Try the Barberton Genesis Route on Mpumalanga’s highest roads and explore its impressive heights, exceptional sunset views, especially on the Geo Trail and once you have reached the top turn right and descend into the Msauli Valley – a gorgeous spot full of waterfalls, rivers and scenic views with rolling mountains.

So go out and explore one of Mpumalanga’s hidden gems the Genesis Route.

The mountains on this drive are 3,2 billion years old and haven’t changed much since they played host to some of Earth’s first living things. This alone is worth the trip.
If you are looking for something to do in the beautiful nature of the province of Mpumalanga, we highly recommend taking a drive along the Genesis Route.
Shaped in the figure of eight and spanning 220km, the Genesis Route will take you on a journey through Mpumalanga’s Makhonjwa Mountain Range, perfect for a Sunday drive.

This is a free unguided tour, all you need to do is pick your date and enjoy, Mpumalanga’s First World Heritage Site on your own time and pace, transverse over steep hills, winding roads and fantastic scenic beauty ideal for all your photographic needs.

This is all up to your imagination!

This is all up to your imagination!

Q : What shoes do we need to wear?
A : Comfortable closed shoes recommended, but due to the nature of the route your stilettoes can also do the trick as most of it is driving.

Q : Do I need warm clothes?
A : Yes, a light jacket is recommended as most days there is a slight breeze the higher up you go.

Q : Do I need sunblock,umbrella and a hat?
A : Recommended for hot sunny days.

Q : Are there bees?
A : Yes, at certain times of day. If you are allergic to bees make sure to bring your specific medication.

Q : Are there spiders and snakes en route?
A : Yes. TIA (This is Africa).

Q : Are there any bathrooms on the route?
A : Yes, there is only one at the Lebombo View Point.

Q : Are there any places to buy beverages or food?
A : Collect the R38 map from any of the information offices and find the greatest picnic sites and little street cafes and restaurants you can stop at on route.

Q: Can I drive it in my low car?
A: Most of the back routes are on gravel roads, so we do recommend a high rise vehicle and in some areas a 2 x 4 or for the more adventurous a 4 x 4 can do the trick.